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June 28

PC Cleaner Pro With Crack

PC Cleaner Pro Crack: is software that allows users to troubleshoot various problems in the Windows operating system in order to optimize and clean various parts of the system. In the PC Cleaner Latest Version Free program, users have a number of tools that can be used to fix problems and unexpected sources of system errors, increase system speed and clean extra files to create more space on the hard drive and other storage media. Make information clear.

With this program, you can thoroughly scan the Windows registry and remove the extra information in it. Besides, other features such as managing programs in startups, managing installed applications, protecting privacy, deleting additional information, identifying large files, and deleting duplicate files in the system are other features of this application software. Now you can download the latest version of PC HelpSoft PC Cleaner Full Activation from the CrackWin website.

Download PC Cleaner Activation Key Features:

  • Clean and optimize your PC.
  • Reduce boot-up times.
  • Free up memory.
  • Optimize your registry.
  • Clean unnecessary and invalid entries.
  • Delete junk files & free up disk space.
  • Remove broken shortcuts.
  • Remove potential privacy risks.
  • Fine tune various system settings.
What’s New In PC Cleaner Pro Free Download?

  • the official site does not provide any info about changes in this version
Release Name: PC Cleaner Pro With Crack
Size: 11.1 MB
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June 28

R-Wipe Clean 20.0.2361 With Crack[Latest Version] free

Description: Download R-Wipe Clean Crack name of the new software for cleaning up unnecessary and unused files and improve the security and privacy of users. YOU May Also download ChrisPC RAM Booster Crack When you use your computer every day, your computer will record a lot of temporary and unnecessary files that may cause your system to run slowly. R-Wipe & Clean Latest Version Free provides users a variety of optimization methods to ensure your computer is going fast. The software that we have prepared for you can detect and remove such temporary and redundant files in the system.

R-Wipe Clean Patch Latest Version Free is a complete R-Tools solution to remove useless files, free up your disk space, and clean various privacy-compromising information on your online and offline activity. This includes internet history and cookies, lists of downloaded files and opened documents, various data caches, temporary files, and many more items, created by the operating system, most contemporary internet browsers and communication programs, and by hundreds of third-party applications. R-Wipe Clean Activation Key is also possible to create specific lists of traces to be cleaned for unsupported applications. R-Wipe Clean Crack All small computer cleaning and file erasing jobs can be combined into large computer cleaning tasks that can be started immediately, or at scheduled time/events.

Download R-Wipe Clean Registration Key Features:

  • All separate cleaning and wiping actions can be combined into large wipe and clean tasks to launch them manually or at
  • scheduled times or events (user log-on/log-off, system start-up/shutdown, closing any or all browsers, etc.)
  • Detailed representation of all trace items on your computer.
  • Detailed logging of all wipe and clean operations.
  • Customization: R-Wipe and Clean can hide those items you will never want to clean.
  • Full system integration: Most wipe and clean operations can be performed directly from Windows.
  • Password protection.
  • R-Wipe and Clean Smart: an advanced tool to create and manage very complex wipe lists.
  • Cleaning and wiping task can be started from a command line.
  • Boss Key to close a web-browser in emergency.
  • Stealth mode to hide computer cleaning.
  • Standby/hibernate control: Your computer will not hibernate until R-Wipe and Clean finishes its long job.
  • Startup Renaming for files/folders locked by Windows and other programs. They will be renamed and cleaned during the next start-up.
What’s New In R-Wipe CleanSerial Number?

  • A new item Disk Cleanup Diagnostics Log has been added to the Logs part of the System’s Own Traces section (Windows 10).
  • A new item Media Playback History has been added to the Google Chrome section.
  • Two items, the Adobe Animation application, and The Hidden Treasures game have been added to the Program Traces section.
  • A new item Windows Recovery Environment Setup Log Files has been added to the Setup Logs tab in the Setup and Update Traces part of the System’s Own Traces section.
Release Name: R-Wipe Clean 20.0.2361 With Crack[Latest Version] free
Size: 24.7 MB
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June 28

Defender Tools 1.13 by Ratiborus

Description: You May Also Download Ratiborus KMS Tools (Windows & Office Activator)

Features of Defender Tools Free Download

  • Easy to use
  • Blocks single click/unblockExclude path.
  • Exclude path.
What’s New Defender Tools 1.13 Free Download:

  • Reworked enabling/disabling Defender. experience.
Release Name: Defender Tools 1.13 by Ratiborus
Size: 1.1 MB
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June 28

KMSAuto++1.7.0 Microsoft Windows & Office Activator

Description: KMSAuto Office Free Download & Windows & Activator Download – KMS-Windows & Office Activator for the operating systems Windows VL editions: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 and Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019. Also you can activate Office 2010 VL on Windows XP. The switches provide access to the installation GVLK keys and configure the task scheduler. KMSAuto For Windows Free Download.

KMSAuto Free Download Key Features:

  • Keys are set only on non-activated products.
  • If you select “Install forcibly”, the keys are installed on all products, including those activated.
  • On the Settings tab, you can specify the external address of KMS-Service. The service built into the program will not be launched when activated. If activation fails 0xc004f074, make sure that your firewall does not prohibit connections to your KMS-Service.
  • Creating in the scheduler a task for the re-activation of Windows (in the program for this purpose a special tab), after that the program itself can be moved where you want, you can even completely remove it.
  • The program does NOT require any versions of the .NET Framework.
KMSAuto Included programs:

  • Defender Tools v1.0.7
  • KMSAuto++ 1.5.7
  • Office 2013-2021 C2R Install v7.3.1
  • Office 2013-2021 License Setup v1.18
  • Office Uninstall 2010-2021 v1.8.2
What’s New In KMSAuto++1.7.0 Windows & Office Activator?

  • The HWID method enables IoT LTSC.
  • The assembly contains the latest versions of programs.
KMSAuto System requirements:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, Office 2010/2013/2016/2019 VL editions.
Release Name: KMSAuto++1.7.0 Microsoft Windows & Office Activator
Size: 17.7 MB
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June 28

Windows 10 Digital Activation Program 1.4.6

Description: The user may decide to add this tool whenever he decides to install this Windows 10 Digital Activation Program on his PC. As many of you are already aware, the author of this tool is already a member and follower of Ratiborus. More than just one activator is managed by this app at the same time but as you can see that this tool is offered specifically for the purpose of a free activation of Windows 10. This tool is added to the main collection without any registration or detailed procedure.

Advanced startup options (keys):
/activate – Launch the program in hidden mode.

What’s New Windows 10 Digital Activation Program 1.4.6?

  • Minor fixes
Release Name: Windows 10 Digital Activation Program 1.4.6
Size: 2.9 MB
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June 28

Windows 10 Digital Activation 1.4.6 Download With Crack

Features (Windows 10 Digital Activation Program Key Download):

  • Permanently activate your Windows 10.
  • Use the most recommended key.
  • Before activation fully create registry entries.
  • Secure system status.
  • Find out Windows activation status.
  • Easily show your activating tools.
  • Very easy to use it.
  • Needs to use number.
  • Use it for update check.
  • Easily insert the default key.
  • Works as portable.
  • Support lots of option.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Most recommended settings.
  • Permanently activated.
  • Etc.

What’s New in W10 Digital Activation 1.4.6 Crack Download?

  • The HWID method enables IoT Enterprise LTSC.
  • Add x64 bit version
  • Fixed some bugs
Release Name: Windows 10 Digital Activation 1.4.6 Download With Crack
Size: 2.9 MB
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June 28

Office(R)Tool Download Activator 2.26

Description: You May Also Download Ratiborus KMS Tools Cracked (Windows & Office Activator)

Office Tool Plus Download Features

  • Scrub Office
  • Reset — Repair Office
  • Start Kms Activation
  • Show Current Activation Status
  • Convert Retail License To Volume License
  • Install Office From Online Install Package
  • Create Office Online Web-installer Package Setup File
  • Create Office Online Web-installer Language Pack Setup File
  • Download Office Offline Install Image
  • Download Office Offline Install Package
  • Install Office From Offline Install Package-image
  • Create Iso Image From Offline Install Package-image
  • Check For New Version
  • Download Latest Release
  • Enable Visual Ui[with Ltsc Logo]
  • Enable Visual Ui[with 365 Logo]
  • Disable Acquisition And Sending Of Telemetry Data
  • Change Office Update-path (switch Distribution Channel)
Core function changes
User-friendly Interface
Up to date Activation files
Auto Create Package Info file
Auto Detect system Arch. & Lang
Multi-Language / Architecture Support

Menu changes
Install from ISO / Offline folder
Online / Offline Install Include Create ISO
Visual Refresh for Current & LTSC Channels
Downloading Offline Image / Offline Package
Convert & Activation for Office Products, Include 365 & Home

Last activation Error Code output
Proxy / Debug / Self Update Options NEW
Using Language Name instead Language code
Replace 0/1 selection, with something much better
Remove Not genuine banner & Pop-up (the new one)

What’s New In Office Tool Activator?

~ Add check for multiple instances of the script
if found exiting instance running in the background,
the new one will be closed – this is not a good idea.

~ Welcome screen will show one Time only
will show only if the MDL link is missing,
after pressing A, a Link will be created.

~ Add 3 More Products to[M] Option
Add 3 more retail IMAGE downloads from MS Site.
– Generate Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium download-link >
– Generate Microsoft Office 365 Business download-link >
– Generate Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus download-link >

~ Improved getPID script
the new version work much better.

~ Improved anti-leech protection
this time I did a really good job.

~ Prevent GetPID script failure
if having a problem with WMI,
the GetPID script will fail too.
that will cause the Update Option to fail.
So .. Move it after the WMI_CHECK call.

~ update CleanOSPP tool to the latest version
thanks Dolmatov for the update
thanks ratzlefatz for the fixed files

~ Menu Upgrades & code improve
– BugFix for Update Option
– Major update to Convert License menu
– Disable RESIZE / MAXIMIZE window option
– Add welcome screen[ borrowed from MSMG script ]

~ Add option to Select region
must delete old settings.ini, and Update,
then you will see the new option.
thanks Dolmatov for the information.

~ Improve WMI fail check
if Winmgmt service is disabled and Stopped,
office(R)tool will be able to turn it on.
the previous code failed. now it is fixed.

~ Improve WMI / WSH fail check
Prevent script failure if find WSH / WMI possible problems
– Set Winmgmt service to 0x2
– Remove WSH ‘Enabled’ Registry Key
– Add Readable error if a failure occurs

Release Name: Office(R)Tool Download Activator 2.26
Size: 20 MB
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June 28

ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro 14.22.0624 With Crack Free

Description: Downlaod ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro is a powerful software with a friendly user interface that allows you to download videos and playlists from YouTube, videos from Dailymotion, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, ABC, FOX,, Vimeo, Prosieben, Metacafe,, many more video websites. Once the videos are downloaded, you can convert them to formats compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, MPEG-4 H.264, MP3, AC3.

Downloads MP4, FLV, MOV, MP3Download entire YouTube playlist support for RTMP, HDS and HLS conventions and VOD documents downloads link Finder with Chrome mode, IE mode, Android mode, iOS mode. You may Also Download TubeMate Downloader Crack

ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro Crack is a powerful video downloader application that gives you support for a collection of media hosting websites, allowing you to grab and convert clips instantly. In ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro Crack simple words, it can download videos to your computer from other online sources.

Download VideoTube Downloader Pro License Key Features:

  • A powerful video downloader application.
  • Allowing you to grab and convert clips instantly.
  • It is compatible with many video hosting websites.
  • It supports most famous services such as Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, SoundCLoud, NBC and FOX, etc.
  • Downloads MP4, FLV, MOV, MP3
  • Download whole YouTube playlist
  • Support for RTMP, HDS & HLS protocols and VOD files downloads
  • Improved download speed by up to 15x times for M3U8, MPD and F4M streams.
  • Added segmented download option to improve YouTube video download by up to 12x times.
  • mproved Link Finder engine detection of HTML 5 videos, M3U8, F4M, MPD, MP4, M4A, M4V, MP3 video and audio streams.
  • You can add the option to automatically select subtitle language to download for YouTube, ITV, BBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX and others.
  • You can download videos up to 3 GB with the free version from the popular video websites: YouTube, Vimeo,
  • DailyMotion, Metacafe.
  • You can record live streams from YouTube, Livestream, Ustream, M3U8 HLS and F4M HDS streams.
  • And much more…
What’s new in ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro Crack Download?

  • Improved video detection and download for ITV and YouTube videos.
  • Improved Windows 10 support.
  • Other fixes and improvements.
Release Name: ChrisPC VideoTube Downloader Pro 14.22.0624 With Crack Free
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June 28

PicPick Professional 6.2 Full Crack

PicPick Crack Download is an all-in-one program that provides a full-featured screen capture tool, intuitive image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, and even whiteboard. PicPick Free Download has not only everything that you need, but it loads fast, sits quietly in the system tray until needed. PicPick Pro Latest Version Free features a powerful capture tool, image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard and etc. You can use all these tools freely.

The PicPick Full Crack Review has a user-friendly interface. It can help you capture the entire screen, the active window, the specific area selected, or the fixed area, and even repeat the last capture. It can easily upload your pictures to Facebook, Twitter, or FTP server. PicPick Activation Key sends the image by email, outputs it to MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel, then prints the image and saves it to a file. It also has some extra tools such as a color picker, a screen magnifier, a pixel ruler, a screen protractor, and a crosshair. PicPick Professional License Key 2020 gives you some built-in features that you can use to crop, resize, or rotate an image, add some visual effects, or just draw or write on newly captured content.

Download PicPick Free Download features:

  • Basic image editing tools with great features and effects
  • PicPick Full Version also available in a portable edition
  • Colorful gradient skins and capture full screen and region
  • Color picker, color palette, drawing, shapes, arrows, etc.
  • Intuitive user interface (UI) and easily accessible ribbon
  • Powerful screen capture with a multilanguage interface
  • Relative coordinates on-screen smooth display and sizeable
  • Photoshop-style RGB/HSV and great support auto-scroll
  • Supports FTP, Web, social media, dual-screen, and more.
  • Support sound effect, output, and the various color code type
  • Vertical & horizontal orientation, units, and many more.
What’s New in the PicPick scrolling window:

  • New language updates (UI)
  • Fix bugs and improvements.
PicPick System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP including
  • both 32-bit and 64-bit versions..
  • RAM 1 GB
Release Name: PicPick Professional 6.2 Full Crack
Size: 50.6 MB
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June 28

Draftable Desktop 2.4.1900 Crack

Description: Go home early. The fastest document comparison tool. Compare 300+ pages in seconds. Draftable Desktop Crack 2.4 is now available – faster and more powerful than ever! See all the changes in your documents, locally and offline. Take your work to the next level.

Draftable Desktop Crack Features:

  • Compare documents.
  • Support for various formats.
  • Excel for text comparison.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Offline and local.
  • The process is password protected files.
  • Compare 300+ pages per second.
System Requirements:

  • Draftable Desktop requires Windows 7+.
  • Comparing Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets requires Office 2007+.
Release Name: Draftable Desktop 2.4.1900 Crack
Size: 232.6 MB
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